Incorporating wash duration timer.


The system was designed specifically for the Meat Industry, with the intention of reducing water usage, boiler energy, and effluent requirements, while allowing correct and reliable sanitation of staff and equipment.

The system has been in use in the Meat Industry since the early 90s, and has proven to be a reliable, cost effective means of supplying water on demand.

The sensing distance is approx. 70mm from the face, eliminating the need for contact, and therefore cross contamination is avoided. 

The unit allows for only one wash period per activation, meaning that if a worker covers the sensor for an extended period, the wash times out and won’t restart until the sensor is cleared and reactivated.

The system operates on 24v AC or DC and also requires a water solenoid to deliver the water.
Because the unit is fully encapsulated, and chemical resistant, it is virtually impervious to water,  but once it has been cast, the times are fixed.

The unit has 2 preset times built in, and selection is by cutting of an external loop. The standard times ranges are preset at 2.5 / 5 seconds or 5 / 10 seconds, however any time range can be ordered before manufacture.



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