Customer Trial mixing and distribution system.


Completion Date: March 09


Project Brief:


Design and construct a modular system, with controls that will supply and mix two volatile chemicals, to a variable ratio, with variable flows, complete with full monitoring and control of the reaction process temperature. Then discharge to a process plant at a known flow. Constructed such that it can be split into 4 self-contained sections for transport, and be reconnected without an electrician present.

Electrical Content:

  • Design and build a new outdoor control system as above, with a main PLC and touch screen, and two remote I/O nodes (albeit a metre or two away) communicating over Ethernet. The control, monitoring, and logging is to include flows, temperatures, levels, and emergency shutdown systems. System setpoints could be input from the local touch screen, or remotely via 4-20ma or Ethernet.

  • Install wiring and pneumatics such that the whole package can be split 4 ways for transport.

  • Program the system to control input flow ratios, and discharge flow volumes derived from local or remote setpoints, and create control sequences that automatically control tank levels while maintaining input flow ratios, independent of the discharge flows.

  • Specify, source, install, calibrate, and commission all instrumentation with capability of withstanding the harsh process chemicals being measured.

  • Supply and install a Rockwell Compact Logix PLC with DSI comms to the Powerflex VSDs, and Ethernet comms to the remote I/O and Magelis touch screen. Log all data to a removable CF card for post–trial analysis.

  • Document the electrical system and supply both soft and hard copies to the client.